Monday, 26 September 2022

Thungwa Ancient Elephent Museum

19 Jan 2022

Visit Thungwa Ancient Elephant museum and explore Satun Geopark are located at Thungwa Sub-district of Satun Province. Here, there are learning resource centers of geology of all periods starting from the Precambrian period. Also, local people’s ways of life are remarkably interesting.

Regulations regarding Sanitation and Safety.

  • Clean the places regularly.
  • Provide alcohol gel and hand washing spots.
  • Provide body temperature checkpoint.
  • Provide Thai-Chana application for checking-in and check-out when going to the places.
  • Tourists and staff members need to wear facial masks.
  • Keep social distancing, such as providing plastic shields at the counter.
  • Be able to use cashless payment systems such as pay by scanning QR code/ Credit card, Contactless credit card, etc.
  • Limit the number of tourists to 60 per day.


Address : Thung Wa Thung Wa Satun 91120