Monday, 26 September 2022

Satun’s Wild Getway

18 Jan 2022

Five days in Satun may sound too long, but for nature lovers, the exotic trip is just a swift. Off Satun’s coast, the seascape of Andaman is really stunning. Azure water and wilderness of Tarutao national park fascinate thousands of travelers to be stunned among the untouched nature. 

One of Thailand’s wildest Islands, most of the park’s 37,000 acres is densely covered with lush jungle, ringed with mangrove swamps and interrupted with limestone peaks. The untouched nature of this remote unlogged island makes it a great place for biking and hiking. The empty Beaches of Ao Phante Malacca, Ao Molae, and Ao Son are great for solitude and sunsets. Backpackers often set their camps on these beaches and spend starry nights. 

However, Tarutao’s beaches are not quite inviting. If you really want to swim or dive, Koh Adang, Rawi and Lipe should be your next ports of call. 

The twin island of Adang-Rawi, about 25 miles southwest of Tarutao Island, is a real haven for sea lovers.  Covered with densely forested hills, Koh Adang is famed for white-sand beaches and healthy coral reefs. The adjacent Rawi is quite inviting with fantastic beaches on both the north and the south of the island. Spending two nights on these twin islands can be a great escape. 

Spend the last night on the vibrant island of Lipe will be a soft preparation before getting back to the city. The small island offers a wide range of tourist facilities as well as Cool bars. Leisurely spend your easy afternoon on the white sandy beach of Pattaya, or swim above the healthy coral reef, will perfectly complete your trip in Satun’s sea.


How to get there: The main pier to access Koh Tarutao and other Islands is Pakbara. Public minibus from Hat Yai’s Talad Kaset Station is available. Satun is 608 miles south of Bangkok via highway 4.