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Sarai Islands

18 Jan 2022

Sarai Islands is located around 12 kilometers from Jae Bilang harbor, Amphur Muang, Satul. There are boats to this island all day with only 15 minutes travelling.On the island, there is a village called Bagun Yai, a big village of Muslim people who are fishermen. This island is a plentiful island with a lot of resources.

Apart from Sarai Island, there are also 2 islands nearby which are called Yaratod and Yaratodnui Island. Both islands have beaches and also fisherman village, who also have coconut garden and rubber tree garden as their living.The most amazing thing that is located not far away from Sarai Island is a small island with only 1 kilometer wide.

This island is filled with shells piling up for more than decades. These shells were swashed by the wave and is called shell graveyard. On this island, there is no sand at all and it is also prohibited to take the shell back.There are also many other activities to explore here. This island is also the most plentiful seagrass which is the food of sea-cow.

The fishermen always see sea-cow feeding their babies. Other animals are such as seabirds, dolphins etc. The Bagun Yai villagers have built the horse crab center in order to preserve this crab. The villagers also have a one day round trip boat service or homestay. Absorb and feel the local’s way of living here and taste the fresh seafood here. Also, do not forget buy the souvenirs made from coconut shell.

Address : Ko Sarai Mueang Satun Satun 91000

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