Monday, 26 September 2022

San Lang Mangkon Beach, Tan Yong Po

19 Jan 2022

Visit Tan Yong Po community, have delicious freshly caught seafood for lunch. From Satun town, about 20 km route Satun – Tanjung Po by observing signs. Sanlang Mangkorn Beach or “Thale Waek” is another name of the Tanyong Po community, Mueang Satun District, which is a wonder of the Andaman Sea. When the seawater recedes, it makes the sand dunes appear. which is a sandbar filled with the remains of millions of shells piled up resulting in a winding path longer than 3 kilometers and connecting to another island. or likened to the spine of a dragon playing in the water. Let us walk on the spine of a dragon that moves beautifully. It is the origin of the name of this beach, “Dragon Beach”. You can take a long-tail boat tour at Ban Bagan Khei Pier, Tanyong Po Subdistrict, Mueang Satun District, takes only 20 minutes to see Koh Kwang, a small island nearby and you can visit to experience the sea life at “Pulao Ubi”


About 500 million years ago when a volcanic eruption cooled, it became red pebbles in the Bagun Yai village discovered by the Department of Mineral Resources. You can find red pebbles at low tide. The red pebbles are a distance starting from the villagers’ area and going into the sea. San Lang Mangkon Beach can only be seen at low tide.

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