Monday, 26 September 2022

Khao Toh Payawang

19 Jan 2022

KhaoToh Payawang is an ancient remains before the historical period. It is located on the bank of Mumbang Canal, TambolPiman, AmphurMuang, Satul province. On the north side, it is next to Kuhapravet Road.KhaoTohPayawang Park is a rock hill with cliff and caves in the east side. In the ancient time, before 1961 when the rainy season came, the water flooded all along this area.

The villagers must use boats to travel to the other side of this park. Therefore, the villagers tried to gather rocks and construct a wall here. Then, the municipality district of Satun came to develop this park and made it a tourist attraction. There are roads around this hill. In front, there is a cave to enter inside the hill with stalagmites inside. In ancient times, many monks use to meditate here.

The environment here is shady and suitable for bird watching. At the back, it is the park where the villagers like to come and relax because of the shady atmosphere. The evidence that was found here is the half-moon shape drilling equipment and an angle shape drilling equipment. The tourists can travel here by taking the Satulthani road then turning right into Pimanpittayasan School into Kuhaprawet Road for around 600 meters then you will see Khao Toh Payawang.

Address : Kut Phiman Mueang Satun Satun 30210