Monday, 26 September 2022

Ban Bakan Yai

19 Jan 2022

Ban Bakan Yai is located at Ko Sarai, is a fisherman’s village that offers a homestay. It is walking distance from here to see small Sanlang Mangkon.

Regulations regarding Sanitation and Safety.

  • Clean the places regularly.
  • Provide alcohol gel and hand washing spots.
  • Provide body temperature checkpoint.
  • Provide Thai-Chana application for checking-in and check out when going to the places.
  • Tourists and staff members need to wear facial mask.
  • Keep social distancing; such as, providing plastic shields at the counter.
  • Be able to use cashless payment system such as pay by scanning QR code/ Credit card, Contactless credit card, etc.
  • Limit the number of tourists to 300 per month. 


Address : Ko Sarai Mueang Satun Satun 91000